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Ukba Metal has started its activities in 2004 at its own property in Kayseri Industrial Zone and in a short time it has reached it deserved position in these ctorthrough continuos quality and service approach. The company has sustained process of continous development with the sense of canalizing the take outs from sector to the sector back, has justified pride of serving to sector with machinery park and highly qualified technical service team.

Ukba Metal has crownedits sense of targeted quaility and service through having ISO 9001:2000 service quality certificate, with the customer oriented strategy it has been moving forward in this sector.

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Avensis Furniture Features

Ukba Metal stands out in the metal manufacturing sector with precise, high-quality, standardized, and error-free production. Avensis Furniture sets industry standards, ensuring top-notch quality.

Avensis Furniture employs a special allen steel block system for robust and silent bunk bed and bedstead production. Additionally, products are fully assembled into flat special boxes, enabling quick and error-free installation.

Backed by the ISO 9001:2000 service quality certificate, Avensis Furniture follows a customer-oriented strategy, constantly evolving while considering customer expectations.

The Avensis® brand has positioned itself well in the industry, garnering international demand. The commitment to quality production has made Avensis® a globally sought-after brand.

Avensis Furniture offers a broad range of products, including bunk beds, bedsteads, foldable beds, daybeds, garden furniture, steel cabinets, table legs, dining tables, and accessories, catering to diverse customer needs.

With a rich history and sectoral experience, Ukba Metal, and consequently Avensis Furniture, bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to their products, enhancing reliability and quality.

Avensis Furniture adopts a strategic approach to sales points, aiming to provide customers with fast and high-quality service. The initiation of services at Masko Furniture Plant reflects the company’s commitment to reaching its target customers quickly.

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